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Summer Camp!

June 11-15

Camp Jackson, SC

We are once again sponsoring Camp Jackson for our annual, overnight Summer Church Camp! The camp offers a safe, Christ-centered learning, worship, and fun-filled environment. Campers will be engaged in multiple worship services, Bible studies, games, water activities, amazing homemade cooking, and daily pool time (supervised by certified CPR lifeguards). 

Who Can Go?

Kids who have completed 3rd grade and are entering 12th grade! We'll split the Campers into 2 groups: 

Juniors (grades 3-6)

Teens (grades 7-12)

When will We Leave and Return?

We will leave for camp on Monday, June 11th at 10:30 AM. Campers must register in the Fellowship Hall beginning at 10:00 AM. We will return on Friday, June 15th at approximately 11:30 AM. Please make arrangements to have your camper(s) picked up promptly. All campers must go to and return from the camp with the group. Any late arrivals or early departures must be approved by Pastor Stone. 

Dress Code

Daytime Activities: 

All campers may wear pants or knee-length shorts during the day.

Modest shirts must be worn at all times (Girls, no tank tops, midriffs, or spaghetti-strap tops)


Boys must wear boxer-type swimming trunks; girls must wear one-piece swimsuits, with a cover-up that must be worn to and from the pool area. Boys and girls will have separate swim times from each other. 

Evening Services: 

Evening services are a special time at camp; we ask that campers and workers not wear shorts to any of the evening services. 

A counselor may ask a camper to change an any article of clothing that is deemed in appropriate. 

What to Bring:

Casual clothes from Monday - Friday

Appropriate clothes for evening services

Swimsuit (boys: boxer type; girls: one-piece suit&cover)

Sheets/blanket/sleeping bag, pillow

Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo

Towels, washcloths

Bible, notebook, pen/pencil


Insect repellent

Medications (to be kept/administered by Camp Nurse)

Any items needed for Talent Night 

At least $10 cash for Canteen 

Do NOT Bring:

Media players of any kind

Electronic games, computers, tablets, etc. 

Books, magazines or other reading materials

Knives, guns, ammunition, firecrackers,lighters, matches

Any form of tobacco, alcohol, or *drugs

*Prescription medicines must be submitted to designated camp workers prior to our departur

Note: we no longer ban cell phones, however, we do strictly regulate their use. We also urge you to use discretion in allowing tour camper to bring their phone, as we cannot be responsible for misuse, damage, loss or theft. 

Directions to Camp:

Camp Jackson is located 8 miles south of Barnwell, SC, just off Highway 278. Turn right onto Miller Creek Road and then turn right on Camp Jackson Road. CLICK HERE for additional directions

Camp Features: 

*Air-conditioned Facilities

*Swimming Pool

*Softball Field

*Covered Basketball Hoops

*Talent Night


The price for camp is $100.00 per camper. A $15.00 non-refundable fee will be required at the time of registration. The balance of $85.00 may be paid at any time prior to leaving for camp. 

For members of Lumpkin Road Baptist, we will offer a pro-rated family discount as follows: 

2 family members attending:

$15.00 registration fee for each camper

$130.00 due at check-in

3 family members attending:

$15.00 registration fee for each camper

$165.00 due at check-in

4 family members attending:

$15.00 registration fee for each camper

$190.00 due at check-in

Any children below 3rd grade staying with their parents will be charged $15.00 each. 

Our Canteen will be opened periodically throughout the day, where campers can buy drinks, candy, etc. Ten dollars should be sufficient for each camper; this money will be collected at check-in, and their account will be maintained throughout the week by out canteen workers. Any money left on a camper's account will be returned to them at the conclusion of camp.

2540 Lumpkin Road  *  Augusta, Georgia 30906

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