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Online Giving Help



How Do I Enroll?

There are a few steps that you have to take in order to set up your online giving account -- it is an easy process, much like paying any other bill online.


1. Go to on any device and click on “Give Now”.


2. On the page that opens, enter your email address (use an email address that you can access easily), and click “Send me a login link”.


3. If you are not already in our member database, you will be asked to “Create donor profile”, where we collect your first and last name. Click “Create donor profile and login”.


4. If you are in our database, you don’t need to create a profile; you will be directed to check your email for a login link.


5. Open your email and click on the button. This login button is only good for 30 minutes for security purposes. When you click on the link, you will be taken to the page where you setup your payment method. You can choose to use a bank account (ACH) or a credit / debit card. Click on your choice, and follow the instructions. Once your payment method has been authorized, you can begin giving. NOTE: Your first contribution will take roughly 10-14 days to clear your bank account. After your initial gift, future contributions will take about 5 working days.

I’m Enrolled -- Now What?

1. Go to and click on “Give”. Enter your email address and click on “Send me a login link”. Note: you will need to request a new link every time you login -- you can’t open the link from an  old email.


2. Check your email for the link; click on it to go to your donor profile. In the top left corner of your profile page, click on “Donate”.


3. If you are giving to multiple funds (“general”, “missions”, “FIA”), skip the dollar amount field, and click on the “To” field.  You will then see an option to give to one fund, or multiple funds. Click on multiple funds, and then select the fund you wish to contribute to. Enter the dollar amount for that fund, and then continue. Don’t click  the blue “Save” button until you have added your contribution for each fund you wish to include.


4. Clicking “Save” will return you to the main screen, where you will select “one-time donation” or “recurring donation”, and your payment method. If everything looks correct, click the blue “Give” button.


5. You will receive an email receipt of your donation, and it will be recorded automatically  to your donor profile.



Q. Do I still need to fill out a tithing envelope?

A. No. If you contribute online, you don’t need to fill out an envelope.


Q. How will my donations appear on my bank statement?

A.  Donations will be marked “LUMPKINROAD” on your bank or card statement, and will be easily identifiable to you.


Q. Why don’t I have a username and password?

A.  Your email is used as your login; providing you an expiring login link through your email account is more secure than creating a password.


Q. What does the church do with my bank account or credit card information?

A. Nothing. We don’t get your banking information -- all of that is handled by Stripe, the leading provider of charitable donation processing. We have no way of accessing your private information, other than your name and basic church membership information.


Below is a video showing how the entire process works.


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