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It can be intimidating to visit a new church for the first time, but don't worry. Lumpkin Road is a friendly, accessible church made up of families just like yours. If you are looking for a place to be loved and belong, just like you are, we'd love to have you come see us! We're easy to find on Lumpkin Road -- just look for the church with the big lighted sign out front. Here's some answers to common questions a new guest might have about our church:
What kind of church are you?

We're just a Baptist church that loves people. We're not part of any convention or group that dictates how we do things. We do work together with other like-minded churches, particularly those in the Baptist Bible Fellowship and the Georgia Baptist Bible Fellowship. If you don't know what those are, don't worry about it.


How should I dress?​

You will find everything from coats/ties and dresses to shirts and slacks and jeans. We don't enforce a "dress code" here.

How will I know where to go?

You will find a warm greeting awaiting you at Lumpkin Road! There are people all around who can show you where to find an appropriate Sunday School class for you and your children. A nursery is provided for all services for children from birth to three years old. If you only come for the 11:00 AM service, ushers will be in the foyer to assist you.


What kind of music does your church have?

We enjoy a blended form of worship, mixing traditional hymns with choruses in a format that exalts the Savior and prepares the heart for worship.

As a visitor, will I be singled out?

We love having guests with us in our services! You are always welcomed and appreciated, but we go out of our way to make sure we don't embarrass anyone. In the back of every pew is a Connection Card. When the offering plate is passed, simply drop the card into it. If you do fill it out and turn it in, please stop by our Welcome Table in the foyer to receive a free gift. We never ask guests to give financially to our church, so don't feel pressured to "put something in the plate". 


How long are your services?

Our Sunday services normally run about an hour. It's said that "the mind can only aborb what the seat can endure", and we try to be mindful of that.

What if I need to talk to someone about a spiritual need?

At the conclusion of the message, our pastor will invite those who have a need for prayer or counseling, or those who wish to unite with our church, to come forward during the invitation. You may meet the pastor at the front, or you may simply choose to kneel and pray at the altar. Again, no one will pressure you, but feel free to ask for assistance.

Your First Visit

2540 Lumpkin Road  *  Augusta, Georgia 30906

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